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Online Programming Plans

  • The Fundamental Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for your everyday athlete
    • Includes access to the S&C platform and daily workouts.
  • The Competitor Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for athletes who are taking their training seriously
    • Includes access to the S&C platform and remote coaching
  • The Elite Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for advanced athletes
    • Unlimited access to BBCo. Services plus a BBCo. Athlete Tee.
  • Tactical Athlete

    Every month
    Train like the worlds best tactical athletes.
    • Designed for arduous course preparation
  • Split Cost Nutrition

    Every month
    Eat well, Train well, Feel well.
    Valid for 4 months
    • This plan gives you access to our expert nutritionist.
    • Your bespoke nutrition plan is created just for you.
  • The Contender Plan

    3 sessions per week with coach Kirsty
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Follow a program designed around your training needs.
    • Access to the Beverley Barbell Co. coaching App.
    • Includes 1 on 1 video feedback & Coaching
    • This plan is designed to fit around your everyday lifestyle
    • Contact coach Kirsty for more info
  • The Bespoke Plan

    Every month
    Unlimited sessions with coach Kirsty
    • This is a bespoke plan to you, the athlete.
    • Unlimited contact with the coach.
    • Keep accountable with your training.
    • S&C, Crossfit, Sports specific.
  • Maintenance Plan

    Every month
    Unique Plan for in season maintenance
    Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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