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Performance Director

Jordan has 14 years experience coaching in the performance industry. He is qualified in sports rehab, S&C and Sports psychology. His methods to unlock your potential are unique and bespoke to BBCO. The collaboration of psychology & physiology has proven results at all levels. 

Jordan has coached in professional Rugby, Football and Golf. He loves increasing the athletic potential of all his clients from elite sports stars to first time gym users. 

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Kirsty has been involved with high level sport and performance for the past 20 years. She competed at badminton, golf and recently qualified for the European and World championships for obstacle course racing (OCR).  

She is a level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach and Level 1 CrossFit Coach. Her experience and passion for helping clients become a better version of themselves is her main drive in the industry. 



Sports Nutritionists

Will from Fuel Stop Nutrition has over a decade of experience in the industry.

We Supply bespoke meal plans to get the best out of your body. Whether you are an elite sportsperson or just starting your fitness journey? Will is the guy for you.

Will currently works in Premiership Rugby Union and the UK's Elite military Regiments. Coming from a Triathlon back ground he understands all areas of nutrition for performance and weight loss.   

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